Vision born October 2017, Newcastle Australia.

Albek was an idea toyed around over beers after a ride with mates. We are blessed we live in a town that is an enabler of our pursuits both on and off the grid.

Created from a passion for adventure and a love of travel, the desire to exceed limits and expectations, always aiming to go farther and faster.

 Our waking moments are filled dreaming of our next adventure while we hustle and grind daily.

 Our existence is perpetuated by the simple premise that the next chapter of the adventure is better than the last which continually pushes stoke to new levels.

 Our philosophy is that one should enjoy the journey and not only the destination, ensuring that each time you travel it.

 At Albek we set out to build products that would support our pillars of creating this brand to only build the best bad ass product, be at the forefront of manufacturing tech and forge new boundaries in everything we create. We know that boundaries are meant to be pushed, that norms are meant to be challenged and anything we design and create for our family, friends and comrades should be Fit for Purpose and Designed for the Lives we lead.

 We go to great lengths in the development process hand selecting raw materials and engineering components that guarantee that all Albek bags are the best they can be and “built adventure tough

Okay will simply never cut it in our efforts to be perfectionists.

At the core of Albek is a small family owned company. We aren’t owned by corporate’s, we don’t have shareholders to impress.

We are put simply some highly skilled mates that love adventure, riding bikes and powersports and want to share what we have created with our network of friends and customers throughout the world.

We hope to see you somewhere in the world with your Albek.