Welcome to the well packed world of Albek - Premium action sports luggage.
At Albek we take pride in designing and manufacturing the best quality product available. We sweat the small details during the design of our products and keep a close eye on the manufacturing process to ensure all Albek products are Fit For Purpose & Built For Life. We believe our products are built to last the reasonable lifespan of the materials and workmanship (excluding normal wear, tear and degradation), but sometimes shit just goes wrong, and when it does, we want to help make it right again.

Albek offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty across all our product lines for material and manufacturing defects.

Ok - the fine print (in regular size font & a clear and concise manner. We aren’t here to trick you, but we want to make sure you understand what our warranty covers)

This warranty specifically relates to Albek branded goods purchased from an authorised Albek retailer, where original proof of purchase can be shown.

The Term Limited Lifetime Warranty does not apply to the actual owner’s lifetime but the reasonable working life of the materials and components that make the finished product (generally 30 years). All materials and components have a working lifespan. While we go to great lengths to choose the best options for each component, even the highest quality parts and materials will wear and degrade over time.

The Limited lifetime warranty applies only if the product is used under normal conditions that we have designed it for. This warranty does not cover any normal wear, tear or degradation as a result of any improper care or misuse of the product.

Albek takes no responsibility for any loss, damage or theft of goods.

At no point shall Albek be responsible or liable for any consequential damages or losses arising from the use of any Albek product.

Albek will at its sole discretion determine if the issue is a warrantable defect at which time the product will be either repaired or replaced with same or similar product at Albek’s option.

So you’ve got a new bundle of Albek joy and are ready to take it home. What should you be aware of?

Manufacturing defects and faults - These are generally present in new product or will show up in the first 12 months of use. If a problem does arise then the product needs to be assessed and at the discretion of Albek can be either repaired or replaced (in that order).

Examples of defects covered.

Straight tears running along a seam edge
Stitching that impacts the use or function of the bag
Fabric drop stitches or knots
Fabric bowing or skewing
Zipper malfunction
Teeth when closed separate
Main zip head runs off the teeth track
Missing or warped teeth

Examples of wear and tear that is not covered:

Fabric/material wear and tear over time
Tears in the middle of fabric panels
Fabric colour fading/UV damage
Tears or cuts by misuse/impact/jagged edges
Rips or holes in bottoms of back packs
Incorrect use of the product
Worn wheels and bearings
Airline damage in transit